Why Wiccans Follow the Full Moon

wiccans-3To most people, a full moon is a sign of the passage of time. It is also a pretty thing to see in the night sky. It has that fine and unique glow that lights up the night and can really be amazing for people to watch. 

However, the meaning of the full moon is very different to Wiccans. The Wicca faith says that the full moon is much more reflective of how life works and what values people should follow as they go through in their daily lives. 

Wiccans often follow the full moon with many beliefs and rituals in mind. These are rather unique aspects of the faith that relate to the importance of the passage of time and the values that the gods may hold for all people in the faith to use in their daily lives. 

It Relates To Wisdom 

Wiccans often feel that a full moon is a sign of wisdom and knowledge. This is a time when people are willing to communicate with the gods and interact with them by praying to the gods in the faith. This is a rather interesting part of the faith that shows that there is a good sense of belief within the faith that the gods are going to take care of them and keep their problems from being any worse than what they might already be like.

Ceremonies Are Held 

wiccans-4Some ceremonies are also held in many Wiccan branches. People will light candles around their altars and communicate with the gods during these ceremonies. They often do this in order to state that they are there for their gods and that they are willing to listen to whatever it is they have to say. This is regardless of how intensive or complicated the concepts might be. 

These ceremonies may be practiced alone but in many cases they may also be followed with others in a commune. Either way, the people are expected to be respectful to each other and to work in unison to help bring about the respect of the gods that they are trying to interact with. They understand that there is a real need for all to be respected and cared for as necessary. 

Asking For Love 

In addition, people are going to also follow the faith with the intention of asking for love and respect from those who are to be worshiped. That is, they will request the respect of the gods and their support. However, the Wiccans are people who will make sure that they are going to worship these gods with care. They understand that no mortal person is above any god and that the right requests for love are critical to the lives that these people want to meet as they go about. 

The full moon is an interesting part of the Wicca faith that people often pay attention to. It is important to the faith as it relates to knowledge and wisdom. More importantly, it is reflective of the knowledge and beliefs that people want to follow when it comes to understanding how the faith is to be run.


The Concept of Homosexuality In Wicca Is Changing

wiccans-1The opinions that people have with regards to homosexuality in the United States have been changing over the years. These opinions include new values that relate to such things as marriage and adoption rights. People are beginning to feel more comfortable with homosexuality in general. 

However, there is still a good dispute in the Wiccan faith over how homosexuality is to be run. Those who follow the Wicca world have become more comfortable with regards to homosexuality but it is still a topic that is a soft issue for some people. 

Still, the Wicca faith is known for being one that is not going to be judgmental of others. This could be interesting when compared to other faiths where homosexuality is frowned upon. Even with that in mind, there is still a good debate out there with regards to whether or not homosexuality is fine to follow or if it is a wrong belief for people to stick with. 

The Charge of the Goddess 

The Charge of the Goddess, a key text in the Wicca faith, states that key rituals should entail all actions relating to love. Many say that this means that homosexual relationships are accepted. The main key is that the relationships are consensual and healthy in nature. This is an interesting aspect of the Wicca faith that has influenced the ways how people feel about those who are gay. 

What this means is that all relationships in the Wicca faith are to be accepted as for what they are. The only thing that people are really all that concerned about is whether or not those who are in a relationship are respectful of one another and will not be opposed to one another in any way. This fascinating text continues to inspire people in the faith to this day and will continue to create a sense of understanding and discussion among those who want to learn more about the Wicca faith and become a little more involved with it. 

Gardner’s Beliefs 

wiccans-2The concepts of Gerald Gardner, one of the key figures in the Wicca faith, have continued to exist over the years. Many people continue to follow his belief that power has to go from a man to a woman or the other way around. This is especially the case with sexual power in that it cannot be exchanged from one man to one woman at any time. 

However, many people have argued that Gardner’s values where misguided. They state that he was a homophobic person who was not fully aware of how those who are gay function in society. This is a good part of debate that could be reflective in many studies relating to how the Wicca faith is changing. 

It is clear that homosexuality is becoming more accepted in the Wicca faith. This is especially expected to become more prevalent as the influence of Gardner’s beliefs on the topic begin to erode and society at large begins to find those who are gay to be non-threatening to society as it evolves.


How Pagans Feel About the Pledge of Allegiance

pagansThe Pledge of Allegiance is an important series of words that are used in schools, governmental offices and many other places as a means of exalting one’s respect to the United States of America. It has been used for generations as a means of proudly exalting the influences and values that make the United States such an amazing country.

However, the concept of the phrase “under God” has brought about some controversy over time. This is because it may be seen by some as a phrase that infringes upon the general freedoms that people have from religion.

This is especially an issue among many Pagans. They often feel that this phrase is something that is going to interfere with their religious values and how they are so different from what people in the mainstream part of society follow.

There are many things that today’s Pagans have been doing as a means of controlling any issues that they might have with regards to the Pledge of Allegiance. These are different strategies in their own right but they are important ones that people of the faith can utilize.

Changing the Words 

Some people will change the worlds around and say that they will stand “under their gods” as a means of being more reflective of the faith. This is because many people feel that a simple change can make all the difference when it comes to making the pledge a little more reflective of the Pagan faith. This is often a subtle change but it can go a long way for many people who are in the faith and want to be reflective of the many gods that they might follow. 


paganMany other Pagans will stick with plans to just abstain from the Pledge of Allegiance. Many people will do this because they feel that they should not have to say the words to the pledge if they are not comfortable with how it might be biased towards one particular faith. This is not a value that is shared by every single Pagan but it is one that is interesting to explore. 

Sticking With the Words 

Other Pagans feel that it is just fine to stay with the words to the pledge as they are. They do this because they know that the term “under God” could have all sorts of meanings. It does not have to be a Christian god. It can be a Jewish god, a Muslim god or even a Pagan god. The open nature of the phrase is something that may be rather important and easy to discover based on how well it is written. 

Pagans are going to have their own opinions about the Pledge of Allegiance like they would with anything else in society. It is just best for people in the faith to make their own decisions as to whether or not the pledge is appropriate for them. Every person has one’s own values and it is best to consider these values with regards to figuring out whether or not this simple series of words is worthwhile as it might be.


Why Black Is Popular With the Occult

Take a look at model websites like Model Method and take a look at some of the models that might be a little more symbolic of the occult things that you might explore. These models are often going to wear clothing that is black in color. They may also wear a good deal of black makeup and other features that are black in order to make themselves more appealing.

This might sound like a bleak color to some but there are many good reasons why so many people who are associated with the occult wear this color quite often.

wiccan womanPower

Black is a color that is symbolic of power over all. It shows that a person has a strong desire for more out of life and is willing to be a little more controlling over other people in some way.


There is also the aspect of black being symbolic of the unknown. That is, people are willing to wear black as a means of showing their interest in things that not all people in the world are fully aware of. They like to show that they are interested in the mysterious parts of the world and are not afraid of what might come in the way of different things in their lives.


Black is also known for being a rather deep color. It is a color that is rather dense because it is hard for people to see in the dark but also because it can have quite an emotional meaning for anyone who wants to wear their particular style.


Fear is a part of power in that a person who has some kind of control over a situation can instill fear in other people in a spot. Fear is a great aspect of the occult that many people like to utilize as a means of trying to show that they have more power than anyone else in the world at large. It is a unique point of the color that can be intimidating to some but still rather unique for the entire world to see.


Black may be symbolic of aggression and the ongoing struggle for power in one’s life if it is worn the right way. Black can be seen by some as a color that relates heavily to the ability to show one’s violent streak or to be willing to use physical or brute force if necessary. It might sound tough to some but it is just another way of exerting one’s power on others. In particular, this mixes in quite well with orange and red as a means of creating a more unique look.

These are all great points to see with regards to why black is such a popular color among those who follow points relating to the occult. Black is a noteworthy color thanks to how it is associated with all sorts of dark activities and has become something that many in the occult are willing to sport in all their fashions, makeup features and many other items of use.