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Amythest Witch’s Celtic Horoscopes and Rune Readings- Keen Member Since: Thursday, February 15, 2001 I hope to provide you with a unique and valuable service. NOTE: ONLY VIA E- MAIL Please leave the information requested in my mail. I only do readings and charts via e-Mail as this would take too much time over the phone! I will always be avliable via e-mail to help you in any way possible. May the Light of Lugh shine upon you. Goddess Bless! I will need your Name, date of birth, time of birth, and your place of birth. Within 72 hours you will recieve your chart. Or your question and any relevant information, for runes. The price listed is for the mailed information.
COL’s Metaphysical Pages- Free Psychic reading links, free tarot reading links, Spirituality, Books, Metaphysical ideas, Christmas ideas, recipes
Divining- Divination pages feature Runes, Tarot, I-Ching, a variety of other divination, Free onsite Readings Links and more
Dream Catcher’s Dream Interpretation- Compassionate psychic help in deciphering dreams or visions. Tarot readings also
e-Oracle- Just enter your name and ask the Oracle everything you want.It’s free.
Free Psychic Readings- FortunesNow offers FREE tarot, rune, I ching, and dream readings. Palmistry, message forum, chat, games, and more.(Added: 2001-02-01 Hits: 78 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It | Report Dead Link
Free Psychic Readings by Psychic John Ryan- Free Psychic Readings by phone, and or voice chat. Free Psychic Development classes and much more!
Gizem Ulkesi- The best occult/spritual site in turkish… Keywords: Tarot Witchcraft runes palministry relegions philosophy magick astrology oiuja board elemental divination celtic signs feng-shui music paranormal activities and much more than i count here…
Guru Nanak Dev’s Japuji Sahib – A Source of Self Realization- Japuji Sahib, is the first book of the holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib, containing only 41 verses. It is said to have been compiled by Guru Angad, when he was still known as Bhai Laihna. In obedience with his master’s orders, Guru Angad selected appropriate verses and gave Japuji Sahib its present form during the last decade of Guru Nanak’s life.
Intelligent Magic Fortunetelling Game- Unique method of determining your fortune based on responses to quotations from History, Literature, Philosophy or Science. Each fortune contains introspective insights, life lessons, and task to perform to achieve your fate
Into The Prism- Get a tarot, past life, medium, angel or zen reading, meet your spirit guides, or get a dream interpreted by one of our talented staff members, or visit our online store
Micheal Teal / Psychic- Canadian psychics home site
Moon Meadow’s Grove- A pagan Shop specializing in Tarot Bags, VooDoo Dolls , and MoJo Bags..We have other items as Well. Please step into our grove and browse .
Pagan Psychics- Merry Meet! This e-list exists for the benefit of all pagans who use some form of divination. Want a great way to stock the magickal cupboard with goodies? You’ve found it! Make an excellent income (between $9-$14.40/hr U.S) working from the comfort of your own home! Pays weekly (with some exceptions, please inquire for details) and is literally the ideal job for today’s pagan! Perhaps you are interested only in increasing your skills? No problem. We can point you in the right direction! There are some wonderful resources out there for pagan psychics and we know where to find them! Freeware tarot programs? Rune programs? Numerology? Pagan Psychics, you’ve come to the right place. List is limited to those who are above the age of 18, and are eligible to work in U.S or Canada.
Pagan Psychics- A gathering of Psychics who truly believe in the Pagan religion and who use their talents and gifts in a manner which agrees with Pagan ethics.
Psychic Central- Award-winning resource and support facility for young, natural psychics and clairvoyants.
Psychic workers wanted- I am a witch/supervisor for a psychic line and am looking for some more family. Everyone has psychic abilities in them. no experience necessary.(Added: 2000-06-29 Hits: 34 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It |Report Dead Link
Spider Moon’s Oracles and Divinations- Spider Moon offers many free oracles, information on astrology signs, and many other FREE servies. We also sell a huge selection of metaphysical books, astrology reports of ALL kinds, and more! Spider Moon has a free chat room, message board, web-based email and free webpages
The Human Design System- See Who You Are: The Human Design System is a synthesis of science and wisdom, an exceptional tool for self-awareness and personal evolution. Enjoy more satisfying relationships. Connect more effectively in the workplace. Gain self-acceptance through insight and understanding.
The Original Tremont Tearoom- Boston’s oldest psychic salon owned and operated by celtic witches
The Paranormal Web- Explore the world of the paranormal and religion. Divination, psychic consult, discussion and chat area
Un Mundo Mistico- Gratis Interpretacion de SueƱos, horoscopos y pensamientos. Free dream interpretation!!!
UnitedWitchesChurch- information for the begining as well as advanced witch! free tarot! spell casting, circle casting and meditations, coming soon live daily devotionals to God & Goddess!
~*MoonDawgie’s Sanctuary*~- Excellent,inexpensive tarot readings via email & regular mail. Astrological & numerological relationship reports and personality profiles. Freebie links,oils,brews,crafts & great informational links etc…

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